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Good morning everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 News@Noon.

Beauregard Parish detectives are continuing their investigation into the death of an elderly woman near Bundicks Lake. They've identified the woman and we'll have that and more on the case at noon. Right now you can access Lee Peck's story on this suspicious death HERE.

Also today, any parent will tell you that kids will put just about anything in their mouths. Magnets could be one thing that could wind up down their throats and that could be extremely dangerous. We'll show you how those magnets can be so strong, they can rip thru intestines and stomachs.

Plus, the story of one woman who proves you're never too old to "rise" to the occasion.  She's 104 years young and guess where she spent her birthday – climbing Mt. Hood! She told her family she wanted to climb a mountain like she did when she was younger.

Ben tells me we can expect lots of sunshine today coupled with a lot of heat. He says rain looks unlikely, so no relief there.  By the time our show comes on at noon, temperatures will be in the low 90's…but it will feel much hotter. What about the rest of the week and maybe the return of some rain? Tune in at noon to find out.

Oh, and there's something else we'll show you – an incredibly massive python – it's scary to look at, and even scarier to think of it slithering around anywhere – YIKES!

Remember you can watch us online at and on air. We hope you join us, and have a great day everyone!