Tyrann Mathieu Will Announce His Decision on Wednesday, Or Maybe Not

2012-08-13 10pm Tyrann Mathieu

The New Orleans Times-Picayune is reporting that on Wednesday, Tyrann Mathieu will announce where he will play football this fall. That contradicts an earlier report by ESPN that Mathieu was considering a return to LSU in 2013, which, in turn, led to reporters and LSU administrators squabbling on the internet.

At this hour, we still don't know if all this sound and fury about the Honey Badger really signifies anything. What we know for sure is that LSU kicked Mathieu off the football team on Friday. We know he was in Lake Charles on Friday night and met with McNeese head coach Matt Viator. And now we know that LSU denied requests by Southern University and by Jackson State to speak to Mathieu.

What we do not know for sure is whether Mathieu plans to visit any other schools, or whether there is any possibility that Mathieu could sit out a year, and then return to the Tigers in 2013. One associate athletic director said that Honey Badger was permanently ineligible to play football at LSU, only to have a different admin say that was not the official LSU position, and then presumably ship the first guy off to Siberia or something.

Still, what LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said on Friday sounds pretty definitive:

"Being an athlete, is a privilege, a privilege," Alleva said. "And you have to follow the rules to take advantage of that privilege and unfortunately, he doesn't have that privilege anymore."

After this morning's report by ESPN, which suggested Mathieu is considering a return to Baton Rouge, the LSU sports information office released a statement saying only this:

"If Tyrann chooses to return to LSU as a student, he can do so. We are not speculating on anything beyond that."

So for now, at least, Mathieu is a honey badger without a home.

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