Sulphur recycling program kicks off in 3 area schools

Sulphur schools recycling program


The Sulphur city-wide recycling program hasn't even had it's first birthday yet, but Sulphur Mayor, Chris Duncan, knew it was time to take it to the next level. 
"We started the city-wide program back in October of 2011 and we started with one dumpster... so we decided this year to take it a little step further" said Mayor Duncan. 
After meeting a teacher at a city recycling dump, he asked if she would be interested in bins for her school.  Then, the idea of testing the recycling program in schools was born.  The three schools, Frasch, LeBlanc and Key, became the three test schools for the program, funded entirely with the mayor's own money.  
"So we have three pilot schools to test the program in and then hopefully we get enough volume and then the School Board can realize the kind of volume that's going through here" said Mayor Duncan.  "And we get a big green bin so they can just stick them here instead of us coming to get everything".
So how will it work?
"Each classroom is given a little green recycling trash can" Mayor Duncan explained.  "When they get full they'll call us here at the city and we'll come pick them up and dump them".  
What started off as one recycling bin has turned into four at the Maplewood location in Sulphur and Mayor Duncan says once the program gets up and running in the three Sulphur schools, they may have to add another one to keep up with the necessity.  
"We're up to dumping the ones on Maplewood drive three times a week.  When this program gets started we're probably going to have to add another bin to dump all this into".  
Melanie Kellogg, Principal at E.K Key elementary is excited to roll out the program for her students and faculty. 
"I hope this recycling program will instill an awareness in our community" said Kellogg.  "Not only just our students but their parents in the community, knowing what to do with all of this waste.  It can be recycled and reused and put to good use" Kellogg said.
She expects full participation from everyone, there may even be a few incentives along the way. 
"That is the plan in the works, but I'm not going to give the plan away because we want it to be a surprise" Kellogg joked.   
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