DeRidder man acts quickly after witnessing car accident

Good Samaritan in DeRidder

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Late Friday afternoon, DeRidder Police received a call from witnesses of a car accident on North Pine/Highway 171 in DeRidder.

A van, traveling southbound on North Pine, had hit a bank sign before smashing into the front window of Jay's Carpet One store. Quick thinking store employee, Edward 'Red' Anthony, immediately assessed the scene, entering the vehicle to assist the man out.

April Tanton, a friend of Anthony's and witness to the accident, said Red acted without hesitation, quickly helping authorities get the elderly man out of his smoking vehicle.

DeRidder Police supervisor, Richard Muro, said communities survive with people like Red.

"It's great that people understand they may be called upon to help in any situation at any given time," Muro said.  "We need more people like that."

Police have not yet released the name of the man in the accident.  It is believed that a medical condition caused the accident.

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