August 8, 2012 - David E. Prescott, Sr.

From the occupation of Japan after World War 2 to the Vietnam conflict, David Prescott, Sr. has seen it all.  The three-time commander of American Legion Post 27 in DeRidder says he spent a lot of his Army time in Korea.

"I was a combat medic in Korea," said Prescott.  I went through medical school.  Of course, that meant living in a foxhole.  You learned a lot.  You're young and you grow up quick.  You learn the value of life more than anything else, when you're in that type of situation."

While serving in the Cold War in Germany, Prescott was in the same unit as Elvis Presley.

"I saw him but I never no attention to him because he wasn't famous then.  He was every other GI.  He was a tank driver and he was on tanks and I was a scout. So no one ever thought anything big of him.   He was not that well known at that time."

Later in Vietnam, Prescott was on jungle patrol and adopted a pet monkey named "Charlie."  It seems Charlie did not like Viet Cong, which proved to be an advantage to Prescott and his men.

"So if I went out on an ambush patrol, I took her with me.  And I'd be laying there at night, waiting on a trail for Charlie to come down.  If she started chattering, I knew there were Vietnamese close.  She was a watchdog.  A very good watchdog."

Now retired, Prescott spends most of his time helping coordinate community events for the American Legion.

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