August 1, 2012 - Scott Raymond

As communications manager for the City of Lake Charles, one of Scott Raymond's duties is liaison to the Mayor's Armed Forces Commission.  Raymond is a veteran of the Vietnam War era, having served in the Naval Reserves.  He remembers meeting the crew of the U.S.S. Constellation in the Philippines, on its return from Vietnam.

"My job was to help facilitate getting folks who were petty officers who wanted to go to educational programs such as the Naval Academy to get an Associate Degree while in the service or get a college degree of some type."

Now with the City of Lake Charles, one of Raymond's jobs is to coordinate all the activities involving servicemen and women in the area, including Veterans Day.

"I can understand the veterans pretty well.  And and I think it's good that someone in this position, it's probably better if they are a veteran.  It does give them an advantage that they can understand why this is so important and kind of seeing it through the eyes of a veteran."

Raymond says he's especially proud of the recent drive to erect a memorial honoring Vietnam hero Douglas Fournet and all veterans.   He wouldn't exchange his time in the military for anything.

"It does change you.  It gives you a perspective about our country that perhaps you didn't have before joining the military.  It makes you appreciate you country, I think."

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