Veterans Memorial Park damaged

Veterans Memorial Park damaged

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Veterans Memorial Park is in pieces after someone or something damaged the bricks near the flag pole.

A hole about 2-feet wide in the ground with pieces of brick scattered around the memorial.

"The investigators came out and what we may have, there's a possibility that it's an act of nature and it could be a lightning strike," Scott Raymond with the City of Lake Charles said of the hole.

Speculating that the cause of the brick damage could have been done by a lightning strike. But vandalism to the park is also a possibility.

The WWII Memorial at the park was painted on. Different colors of paint are spewed over the bricks at the WWII Memorial.

But as for what caused the blast in the bricks, leaving pieces behind, it's unknown if it was vandalism or mother nature.

Raymond said lakefront security is something that will be brought to the city council as an item to look at and suggest.

"My guess is it will certainly be something of conversation, to bring up an see what can be done," he said.

As for who painted the WWII Memorial and what caused the hole near the flag pole, it is all under investigation through the Lake Charles Police Department.

"It's something we all care a great deal about," Raymond said. "We want this park to be nice for everyone."

If you have any information regarding the damage done to Veterans Memorial Park, please call LCPD at (337) 491-1311.

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