Sulphur PD investigates suspicious activity at local hotels

Sulphur Hotels

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The Sulphur Police Department is currently investigating several incidents that happened over night at at least two Sulphur hotels.

It started in the early hours of Monday morning, a worker at Candlewood Suites in Sulphur reported to KPLC that two cars were burglarized in their parking lot. They contacted Sulphur Police regarding two individuals riding their bikes around the parking lot, but Candlewood Suites didn't stop there.

"We were alerted by another local hotel that these kids were trying to break into vehicles," said Hampton Inn Sales Director Lavette Coleman. "So the hotel called us and told us what was going on, so we were on the lookout for these guys."

And the preparation at Hampton Inn just north of I-10 paid off.

Between three and 4 a.m. Monday, a video surveillance camera caught two males trying to enter a side door of the Hampton Inn.

After their failed attempt at the side door, they didn't give up. They walked to the main entrance of the hotel, making it through the first set of doors, but not the second, because they're locked at 11 p.m. every night. So, they tried another route.

"They came to the front entrance and picked up the phone to talk to the front desk," said Coleman.

During that call one of the males gave the front desk clerk an excuse of why they needed to gain entry.

"They said they were here to see their cousins, and he knew that these kids didn't belong here so he denied them access to the hotel," said Coleman.

Coleman says the pair then fled on foot away from the hotel. She says video surveillance didn't show the two trying to break into any cars there, and thankfully no guests were bothered.

"We didn't hear anything from any of the guests," said Coleman. "They were all in their rooms."

The Sulphur Police Department is investigating the incidents.

Mel Estess with the Sulphur Police Department wants residents to use this incident as a reminder to always lock your vehicles and remove all valuable items from inside.

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