America's Gun Laws: what it takes in Louisiana

What it takes to get a gun in Louisiana

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The issue of gun control in America is  a debate that is a century old and resurfacing now with recent events involving guns.

"That's the quandary that man has been dealing with in all of history" said Matthew Courtney.  "We're not going to sort that out this month, this year, this decade".

Courtney is an instructor at Louisiana Shooters Unlimited and teaches the course needed to carry a concealed handgun in Louisiana.

"As long as there are predatory criminals among us, there will be a legitimate reason for people to own firearms" Courtney believes.

So he focuses on proper licensing and handling.

In Louisiana there are a few steps people have to go through before they can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

First, "You're going to fill out a form- Form 44-73- it's going to ask you a bunch of questions about your life history and background" said Courtney.

Then, "only when you've passed that FBI background check are you allowed to take possession of that firearm" he went on to explain.

And then, you're almost ready to carry.

"A 9 hour concealed handgun permit training course will provide you with the proof of firearm training safety... And then approve you for the license" said Courtney.

He believes it's the process of getting a concealed handgun permit that should be enough.

"If you don't have a permit and you conceal a firearm in Louisiana, you're guilty of title 14-1195-Illegal carrying of a weapon which is a misdemeanor".

If anything, he thinks the process is too difficult for good citizens.

"It's a little bit difficult for law abiding people to acquire firearms for legitimate purposes because they have to jump through all the hoops that the criminals, predatory criminals and just plain crazy people don't have to jump through" Courtney said.

Leaving the age old debate up for personal interpretation.

"If laws effected human behavior, the laws against homicide would be enough".

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