20th Century Artifact Series kicks off at Historic City Hall


An exciting new series of exhibits is taking place at the Historic City Hall Arts and Cultural Center which showcases the artwork done by a McNeese University art professor.
The exhibit is called the "20th Century Artifact Series." Kenneth Baskin is the assistant art and ceramics professor at McNeese. His artwork shows how objects in industry have changed over time.
Much of his work consists of ceramic mechanical objects or artifacts from the industrial revolution. While many of his pieces look like they are made of metal, they are actually ceramic or made from clay.
"When I look around at the pieces in this room, it reminds me of a time when I worked in industry," Baskin said. He said discarded objects would be thrown out around the warehouses or out in farm fields. 
"All those objects have stories to tell. They really had a life of their own that's been forgotten," Baskin said. "I think that with the throw-away society that we live in, we need to really kind of look back, slow down a little bit and think about where we're going."
The artifact exhibit will continue throughout September.
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