Parents with children reach out to other families

Parents with children in jail reaching out to other parents

Family and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children came together tonight to share stories and offer support.

The local chapter of FFLIC gathered at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center to reach out to other parents who have children in jail. They say often times the parents are blamed but say children and young adults are influenced outside the home. They want other parents to know they can relate to their pain.

"Anybody can tell you I'm sorry and I feel for you. But if you haven't been in that person's shoes you don't know what they feel. FFLIC is a place where you can come and you can have the support you need because it's a statewide organization and it is made up of parents that have children or family members incarcerated," said Connie Lewis, FFLIC Lake Charles Chapter Director.

FFLIC also works in schools to help children to break the cycle of children who experience multiple suspensions and expulsion.

FFLIC meets every second Tuesday of the month. For more information click here or call the office number at 337-562-8503.