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LCMH opens foundation for area athletic departments


There is now financial help for area athletic programs to help them keep their athletes safe.

The Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Foundation launched the Foundation for Fairplay on Thursday to help area schools with athletic equipment.

The equipment is for safety purposes only, including football helmets and pads.

The money goes to schools who can't afford the equipment, like LaGrange High School.

Dr. Brett Cascio, Medical Director or Sports Medicine at Memorial, says the fund will provide a more level atmosphere when it comes to preventing injuries.

"Our purpose is to level the playing field for all athletes in southwest Louisiana, especially our under privileged kids, so that they have just as much chance as more privileged kids of getting scholarships to college," said Dr. Cascio. "Playing sports is important because it keeps your self esteem and it keeps you attached to school. When you lose your attachment to school, you tend to drop out. So kids that play sports tend to stay in school. They tend to graduate, and they tend to be more successful."

The fund opened today with a combined $40,000 from various donors.

To make a donation to the fund, you can contact Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

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