Moss Bluff family believes they were victims of scam

Moss Bluff family believes they were victims of scam

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - "The whole reason we went to DirecTV is because I wanted a Sunday ticket so I figured we would just call them and I would be able to watch my football games," explained Michael Wright.

But the promise of free installation for this first time customer came with a price after Wright was told the dish couldn't be mounted to his trailer. Instead the service technician said it would cost $70 to mount the dish to a pole in his yard.

"As soon as he told me if I paid with cash - I mean it would have saved me 10 or 20 bucks so I jumped on it," said Wright.

Enjoying their DirecTV it wasn't until three weeks later the Wright's realized they were scammed after Mike's sister had her dish installed.

"At that point, when I was at my sister-in-law's house and they didn't charge her and they charged me," said Ella Wright.

Mike's wife Ella made some calls and found out DirecTV contracted company Multiband out of Orange, Texas to do the installation. A closer look at her receipt also came as a shock - not only did it clearly state the technician could not accept cash, but other information was covered up.

"That's when I got home and we started looking at the receipt and that's when we discovered he had put a sticker, which is on the receipt that shows the pole mount was supposed to be free. And it says on there no charge. He covered it up so we would not know we were being scammed. It just looked professional," said Ella.

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office was called and a report filed. According to the Wright's the employee was terminated. We did contact Multiband. They declined to comment on the service technician's employment history or any action that may have been taken, but they did say their company charges for certain services listed in the contract.

However, Ella said somebody with Multiband came by the house and dropped an envelope with $70 cash. But she said attempts to explain the problem to DirecTV have been unsuccessful.

With the service technician said to have covered the Moss Bluff, Westlake and Sulphur areas authorities have reason to believe there may be more possible victims.

"If you feel like you have been scammed contact the sheriff's office because we did have a scammer with a big company like this. There's still people our there that could have been scammed," said Ella.

At this time no official charges have been filed as the case remains under investigation.

Meanwhile, there are certain fees that can be charged under different contractors. Best advice is to read the fine print and know what you are paying for before installation.

Representatives with DirecTV were unable to be reached for comment.