Ship gets loose during storm and damages LC Port dock

Ship gets loose and damages LC Port dock

The big storm Friday night tossed around a ship moored at the Port of Lake Charles, causing it to get loose and damage a dock, according to port officials.

The Advantage is serene enough now, but during Friday's severe storm, the American ship got away from the dock where it was tied up.

Lake Charles Port Director Bill Rase said the damage will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"There's probably five-to-six-hundred-feet of damage and until we get it repaired we can't berth any vessel here. The dollar amount is yet to come, but we feel it's several hundred thousand dollars of damage to the dock," Rase said.

The ship wound up on the other side of the channel where there is a spoil area, but the vessel was not damaged. A generator the ship was using was dragged into the water as well.

The investigation into the incident continues, but Rase does not believe the port or the ship are to blame for what happened.

"I've been here 10 years and it hasn't happened prior to this but in the shipping industry, unusual things happen all the time," Rase said.

Rase hopes repairs can begin within the next couple of weeks. The dock will be out of commission for three to four months while repairs are made.

"We're not hampered in any way as far as operational activities, but what we are hampered from is we always try to put the ship as close to the cargo as possible to cut down the time of loading and the expense of loading," Rase explained.

Insurance is expected to cover repair costs. Rase said there was no environmental impact from the incident.

The vessel belongs to the Sealift Corporation of New York. It came to the port to pick up 12,000 tons of USDA cargo, some of which has not yet arrived.

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