Lakefront memorial service remembers victim in boating accident

Christopher Rollins, Source: Family
Christopher Rollins, Source: Family

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As the sun set on the Lake Charles lakefront, the Fisherman's Prayer was read in remembrance of Christopher Rollins.

The bodies of 27-year-old Rollins, along with 22-year-old William Druilhet Jr., were recovered this weekend after their boat capsized while fishing late Friday as severe weather passed through the area.

Described as "quite the character," there was laughter and tears as good friend and fellow fishing partner Kevin Stockman shared stories on the water.

"He would get real excited when we would catch a real big fish. And he'd be like, 'Isn't this great? I wish I could make a movie about this or we could be on TV, too.' He was a really great guy," Stockman said.

One by one, Rollins' friends and family paid their respects, tossing flowers into the lake. For Stockman, it's a reminder that life is precious.

"You always think these kinds of things can't happen to your friends and it's somebody else, but it really hits home when it's someone you are really close to and have spent a lot of time fishing with," Stockman said.

Family members are planning to take Rollins' ashes to New Mexico and spread them on the Pecos River.

According to family, Rollins, his brother and uncle made a pact years ago that when they died they would have their ashes spread on the river, the place where they learned to fish.

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