Repeated meth lab arrests worry residents

They give new meaning to the idea of outdoor cooking-- those cooking meth. The latest arrests were over the weekend when Sulphur police shut down a lab there.

At least one of those picked up in that meth lab bust was arrested for the same thing earlier this year.   It's got some citizens asking why was the guy out of jail, only to be arrested again.

They seem to discover meth labs everywhere, so why not under the Beglis Parkway Bridge near I-10 in Sulphur. But, of the three arrested, one man, Freeman Woodard, also known as Bo, has been arrested before-- in February of this year.

That's an outrage to Sulphur Residents Bobby Rice and  Sherian Powe, concerned about the danger of explosive meth labs.  "He was caught in a school zone. There was a day care right there and the bridge this time is in the middle of both of the schools. There's the school zone here at R.W. Vincent and the other one was W.T. Henning. He was right across the road from there." said Powe

Adds Rice, "I got grand kids here, I got kids here that work that do good that are staying out of trouble. These are out of schools. These are by our roadways. This is not something that we want to see happening."

When Woodard was arrested in February, police say he was cooking meth in a trailer in the middle of a mobile home park just down the street from a day care center and Henning school. And now this latest time, the meth lab discovered was again down the street from a school: R.W. Vincent.

As seen a couple of years ago at a motel in Lake Charles, meth labs do blow up and citizens don't want to be exposed to the risk. Said Rice, "I know we don't have a lot of jail space. But you have to pick and choose and you have to say which one is a threat to society. If they're doing it over and over again, they are a threat to society. Another concern I have, how many times has this guy been out there cookin' up and endangering lives of hard working people that are trying to make it and he hasn't got caught."

After the February arrest D.A. John DeRosier says Woodard was let out of jail last time because of a medical issue. Now Woodard remains in jail with bond set at $200,000 on a charge of creation or operation of a clandestine laboratory.

DeRosier says the case is on the front burner and that they will bring Woodard to trial as soon as possible.

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