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Carlyss residents ask zoning board to deny subdivision proposal


It got heated Tuesday night as Carlyss residents opposing a proposed apartment/housing development voiced their concerns before the Calcasieu Parish Planning and Zoning Board. The proposed development would put a residential community on 13.9 acres off Highway 27 South, including single family homes and a more than 35 home apartment complex.

According to developer Jevon Natali the property is zoned mixed residential and general commercial and the proposal meets all parish standards.

"We want to emphasize the developer is not asking for a change in zoning and the developer is not asking for any variance from the zoning ordinance. And the developer is not asking for any variance in ordinance regarding subdivisions. We are simply asking for approval of this subdivision," said Stephen Polito, developer's attorney. 

Polito told the zoning board parish engineers informed them earlier this year the development would have minimal to no effect in terms of flooding to nearby neighbors. Polito also downplayed concerns the subdivision would cause traffic problems on Highway 27 - saying it's a major highway with lots of commercial development. Polito also brought up the expected influx of jobs with several plant expansions coming to the area and said they development would help meet the need for housing.

However, Carlyss residents packed the room to voice their opposition. They told the board the current problems with traffic and flooding would only get worse if the subdivision were approved.

"Mike writes: There has always been drainage issues. About a year ago we consulted with a parish official about putting in culverts to cover our front ditch. We were advised against as it would probably flood our neighbor. A parish official said that," said Kip Coltrin, Carlyss resident.

"When you dump 30 to 100 cars coming out of this subdivision on to Highway 27 you've got problems. I don't care what State Police says or what a survey says... You are not going to get 120 cars out on that highway without people getting in a wreck," said Art Little, Carlyss resident.

"This is improper planning because you have one road in and out of this community and your are not planning ahead of time. You are going to end up like South Lake Charles where you have a Nelson Road, Lake Street and all those roads that were two lane roads and you are trying to get all those people out of South Lake Charles and you are going to run into a problem," said Ray Taylor, Calcasieu Police Juror for District 12.

After hearing both parties out the board voted 3 for and 7 against - ultimately denying the application for the subdivision.

"We are just glad our people showed up in force and we presented proper information. I have to give credit to these guys they are under the gun in a bad spot trying to make this decision. Ultimately they made the right decision for the citizens of Carlyss," said Carlyss.

The developer has the opportunity to appeal Tuesday night's decision in front of the Calcasieu Police Jury this coming Thursday. The Police Jury can overturn and vote in favor. In 30 days the developer can also resubmit a revised proposal to the Planning and Zoning Board.

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