Fire destroys Sulphur home

Sulphur home fire
"I got a phone call this morning that said it burned to the ground" said resident, Jack Fee.
Friends and neighbors of home owner Shery Davis remember receiving the news of the fire at 1394 Edwards Road in Sulphur Saturday morning that left nothing but ashes and coals. 
"My husband heard some popping, so he looked out the window and he seen the house in flames" said resident Deborah Boroughs.  "He called 911 and then I called the homeowner and I told her it's gone now" said Boroughs.   
Firefighters from Dequincy, Ward 6 and the Houston River Fire Departments were called to the scene, working until around 6 this morning putting out the fire. 
Hours later, smoke continued to smolder where a home once stood.  
"The fire department did tell us that it would do that but it's not going to rekindle" said Boroughs.
While they wait and search for answers, these neighbors are sure of one thing.
"It's an experience that I don't ever want to see again" said Boroughs.  "I do want to thank the Houston River Fire Department, the Dequincy and Sulphur volunteers.  They were excellent". 

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