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Identity of Chateau Du Lac victim released, 4 arrests made

Irma Landry (Source: LCPD) Irma Landry (Source: LCPD)
Irma Landry (Source: LCPD) Irma Landry (Source: LCPD)
John Landry (Source: LCPD) John Landry (Source: LCPD)
Sarah Green (Source: LCPD) Sarah Green (Source: LCPD)
LeJeanna Thomas (Source: LCPD) LeJeanna Thomas (Source: LCPD)

Four people have been arrested and charged in connection to the death of Preston John LeBleu at the Chateau Du Lac apartments in downtown Lake Charles on Thursday.  

We're also learning what type of man the war veteran LeBleu was. 

"He served in World War II" said Chateau resident, Diane Dotson.  "He was proud about it.  He served under George Herbert Walker Bush... he was nice to everybody" she said, holding back tears.  

Too nice maybe as Lake Charles police identified him today as the victim in Thursday's suspected homicide at the Chateau Du Lac apartment complex in downtown Lake Charles.

"He was known in the area as 'pop'" said LCPD police chief, Don Dixon.  "As the result of an intense investigation that lasted until about 5 o'clock this morning, we have made 4 arrests" Dixon said in a press conference held on Friday. 

Charged with his murder in the first degree and simple robbery, 38 year old John J. Landry and LCPD doesn't believe he acted alone.  They've also arrested Landry's mother, 54 year old Irma Landry, his sister, Sarah Landry Green and a friend, LeJeanna Marie Thomas.  They have all been charged with accessories after the fact to murder and held on different bonds.  John Landry, however, is being held with no bond.  

Police are still waiting for the officials' coroner report to determine how LeBleu was killed but do have a few details of the moments leading up to getting the call. 

"They went to check on his well being and as a result, the people who work in the building opened the apartment and then called us immediately" said Dixon. 

The Chateau Du Lac is made up of 198 apartments housing just over 200 residents living in close quarters.  While personal space may be an issue, residents don't think that would cause someone to want to hurt anyone else. 

"Sure there are people that you may dislike but you tolerate it and you go on living" said resident James Doxey.  "You worry about their well being". 

In LeBleu's case, resident's say he was a good man.  Who didn't deserve to die the way he did.

"He would be somebody you want for your children's grandfather" said Dotson.  

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