Shunick volunteers refuse to give up

Shunick volunteers refuse to give up

Law enforcement investigating the Mickey Shunick disappearance descended on farm land in St. Landry parish early Thursday morning, to investigate what looked like possible grave sites.

Investigators spent several hours checking out a report by a farmer of three dirt mounds that looked like grave sites. But it led them no closer to determining what happened to Mickey Shunick, who's been missing since May 19.

Crime scene investigators went to rural St. Landry parish to check out three dirt mounds reported by a farmer. Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says what looked like a grave site could have been left by wild hogs wallowing.  "We provided manpower and resources to find out that it was not the grave site. There's no regrets. And if we get another tip that somebody says appears to be a grave site, we're certainly going to check it out. It's a little frustrating but you do what you have to do to help put this behind us. The family needs closure," said Guidroz.

As the crow flies, it's about a mile from the home of suspect Brandon Lavergne--booked for kidnapping and murder as the investigation continues. The case is expected to be presented to a grand jury July 18.

With no body found, family and friends of Mickey Shunick cling to hope she'll be found alive. Her dad, Tom Shunick, was at the volunteer center in Lafayette. He told media gathered at the center, "So far, everything that comes up, so far, nothing has panned out. Guess that's a good thing, as far as the body being found. Very slim hope,but there still is a little bit of hope and that's what the family's got to hang on right now and if her body is out there, the sooner they would find it we can get some closure on this thing and start to go on with our lives."

Despite the emotional roller coaster, volunteers forge ahead, determined to be positive and keep Mickey's name and face in the public eye. Margaret Bearb is the volunteer coordinator at the center.  "When you talk to somebody out of state, 'Oh yeah. We heard about the Shunick girl. That's the most important thing. Because if you say her name, that means her face is out there, her name is out there. We need for her to be found."

The false alarm seemed to bring a surge of people to the center to pick up flyers and the new T-shirt aimed at helping people to recognize Mickey's face in case her hair has been cut or dyed. Tom Shunick says the last he heard,  the suspect was still not cooperating with authorities. He urges anyone with information to call police or the private investigator working with them. The PI number is 337-235-0270.  The number for Lafayette Police is 337-291-8617.