Authorities investigating a homicide at downtown high rise apartment complex

Authorities investigating homicide in downtown Lake Charles


For residents at the Chateau Du Lac apartments in downtown Lake Charles, Thursday started off like a normal morning.  
"I woke up about 10 o'clock.  No about 9 o'clock" said resident, Diane Dotson.  "I got restless and started walking to the corridor" she said.  
A normal morning, until...
"I looked out the windows and I saw all the fanfare out here... the police cars and the ambulance" said Dotson.  "I thought somebody was sick.  "But then I thought they had too many people out". 
Lake Charles police were called to the apartments at Mill and Ryan streets for what they called a suspicious death.
"Once we got there we found the deceased body of a male" said Deputy Chief, Mark Kraus. 
A cause of death has not been determined yet and the body has yet to be identified by detectives, but they say they are treating it as a homicide until the evidence proves differently.  Leaving residents, who once viewed their home as somewhat of a community, surprised. 
"Sure there are people that you dislike, but you tolerate them and you keep on living" said resident, James Doxey.  "You still have a heart and worry about their well being" said Doxey. 
According to the LCPD, there's still a long way to go in solving this homicide.
"We isolate the crime scene obviously.  We try to get evidence from that crime scene and the downside of that is- well the upside of that is- because it's so populated, maybe there is an opportunity to get witnesses" said Kraus. 
Until then, residents are shaken up by what seemingly could have happened to any one of them.
"I'm by myself now" said resident Vernele Albrecat.  "I had my husband but he's in a group home now... and I'm by myself".
For residents like Doxey, this concerns him about others in the complex.  
"It bothers me and worries me quite a bit because we do have a lot of senior citizens in the building and I think we need to offer them a little bit more protection to prevent something like this from happening" he said. 
For now, Kraus says the best thing for residents to do is notify authorities of anything that may help them solve the case.

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