Local food program in need after only two donations at recent drive

Carter Foundation

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - When Meals on Wheels doesn't deliver, one local feeding program steps up to help the elderly. But thanks to the struggling economy, the program might be in jeopardy.

Carter Foundation started three and half years ago with a game of free bingo at the Golden Arm Apartments. But now Angus Carter and his wife provide warm meals for over 60 residents every weekend.

But a recent food drive proved disappointing for the group.

"When my wife and I get there on a Saturday morning, we get there about 8:15-8:30," said Carter. "When we get there, there's several of them just waiting for our car to pull up."

That's how Carter said it's been for he and his wife since they started serving the elderly at Golden Arms Apartments.

"We feed as many come out or as many as need to be fed that's not able to feed themselves," said Carter.

But the tough economy is hitting Carter Foundation just like it's hitting everyone else.

"We've been in need of certain necessities, like meat products and stuff like that, and it's been hard because we haven't been able to get meat products and some of the things that we really do need to keep the program going," said Carter.

Last Saturday the group hosted a food drive to help bring in the necessary food items to keep their warm meals coming to the elderly. Carter was in the hospital at the time, and when he found out that only two people donated items he was shocked.

"When I found out that only two people contributed to the food drive, it almost sent me back to the hospital, because I really wasn't liking that too much," said Carter.

Their food pantry is sparse right now, but they hope to continue feeding those in need for many years to come. Carter says what they're doing is something the local community needs to be more involved in.

"I feel wonderful about what we do, and I want to the community to feel wonderful, to feel the same as we do," said Carter. "You get involved in that, and how do you walk away from something like that?"

The program is most in need of meat items (chicken, pork and beef), fresh and canned fruit, cake mix and corn bread mix. Carter said they could also use volunteers. Monetary donations can also be made and are tax deductible, because the program is classified as non-profit.

You can reach Carter Foundation at (337)433-6590 or by email at carterfoundation92@yahoo.com.

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