Resident complains about standing water in ditches

Resident complains about standing water in ditches

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Reggie Fontenot who lives on Ling Road south of Lake Charles complains water stands in the ditches along his street causing water to back up into yards and creating standing water where mosquitoes breed.

Fontenot says the ditches need to be dug out. As well, he says part of the problem is that dirt put in the ditch to improve slope for drainage didn't work. "I'd like to have the water drain. It's very simple,"said Fontenot.

Calcasieu Parish officials say they try to keep the ditches well maintained but that it's a constant battle in some low lying areas.

Still, Fontenot says he's frustrated because the water in the roadside ditches won't drain. "Well, if the parish would come out here and clean the ditches. I mean they are their ditches. If I gotta pay somebody with a backhoe to dig it out I will, but it's not my ditch," said Fontenot.

As well, he complains crews added dirt in some ditches, to improve the slope for drainage but that it hasn't worked. "Police jury comes out here, when I called them, they put dirt in my ditch instead of digging it out. That makes any sense to you? No. Not to me," said Fontenot.

The area is represented by Police Juror Dennis Scott who says he's well familiar with the problem. "One of the misconceptions of constituents is that ditches are made to drain water. Well, they're also made to hold water in order to keep water from just flowing at a massive rate and ending up in one place, all at the same time," said Scott.

Scott stands by engineering work but said, "I'm willing to continue to move forward on checking the engineering because, in that type of neighborhood, the land's going to change, the ditches will change. It will continue to be an issue that has to be monitored."

Scott says residents are welcome to call him or parish offices, but he encourages all to use the new Eagle App. "He can take pictures of it, send in his comments, and then send it straight in through the Internet and that is immediately answered and a problem that is dealt with," said Scott.

As well, parish officials predict a multi million dollar drainage study will lead to more permanent solutions for the future.  For a link to Calcasieu resources and more about the Eagle App click here.

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