Trial continued for man accused of aggravated rape of child

Trial postponed for man accused of aggravated rape of child

The aggravated rape trial of Victor Sarvaunt was supposed to start Monday, but it's been continued...again. Sarvaunt allegedly raped a six year old girl.  The alleged abuse allegedly started in 2006 and continued into in 2007.

Family members of the victim say she's now twelve and that it's taking too long for justice.

The 49 year old Sarvaunt could spend the rest of his life in prison, if convicted of aggravated rape of the child.

It was 2007 when Sarvaunt was arrested after investigators with the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department concluded he had engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a little girl for about 17 months in 2006 and 2007.

Family members of the victim say the trial should have been held by now. "We've been coming to Calcasieu Parish for almost six years now for this same exact trial," said Clint Chaline who lives outside Calcasieu now.  When asked what happened in court Chaline said, "Nothing. Twelve continuances happened. I feel very let down by Calcasieu Parish judicial system. That's ridiculous that I have to live my life around their schedule," said Chaline.

Judge Ron Ware delayed the trial, at least in part, because there's a new defense attorney handling the case.  Convictions are sometimes overturned if defense attorneys are not given adequate time to prepare.

Still, the victim's family says the six year old victim is now twelve. Said Kaye Chaline,"You feel hopeless. And you feel mad and you feel angry and you just want to see justice done. You put all your faith and time in the justice system, because that's how you're supposed to do it and you get nothing back."

Said Clint Chaline, "Such a serious crime as this should be taken care of in a timely manner and whenever you're working on six years for a charge like this, I think it's gone a little too far."

Sarvaunt has been out on bond for years but is monitored electronically. One of the conditions of his bond is that he have absolutely no contact with any children, even his own.

Officials at the DA's office say they are ready to try Sarvaunt and have been for years. His trial is set for November 13. There is also reportedly a motion hearing on October 2.

We have not been able to reach Sarvaunt's new attorney, Donald Sauviac, who is handling conflict cases for the Public Defenders' Office.

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