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Carlyss residents oppose development plans


Jamie Trahan lives off Highway 27 and Burleson Road in Carlyss on a property that borders a 13-acre lot owned by a developer who has some big plans for the property.

"As a homeowner, we have restrictions as to what we can and can not do with our property" Trahan said. 

But not everyone in the areas surrounding the land support the development plans.

"As you get older you expect development but different types of development are good for different areas" said Carlyss resident, Kip Coltrin.  "This type of development is not good for Carlyss in any way, form or fashion".

Coltrin and other residents of the community met Sunday to oppose the development which would involve the creation of a residential community including single family homes and a 38-home apartment complex. 


"We're concerned with the major flooding that it will cause" said Trahan.  "We're concerned with the traffic- the major traffic on highway 27 that we currently have".

Ray Taylor, District 12 juror with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, says the jury will not recommend the development when the plans go before the zoning board, keeping the resident's concerns in mind.

"The zoning board is the one that will have the authority to approve it or not approve it it's up to them" said Taylor.  "But this one we have some concerns about.  Just the way the piece of land fits and the traffic problems coming in and out of it" Taylor added.

It's not just tangible things like rain water and driveways that concern these residents.  For them, it's the risk of losing the lifestyle they sought by living in the Carlyss community.

"No one moved to Carlyss to have a city life" said Coltrin.  "Carlyss is the country".

Residents say they will meet again next Sunday to formally gather their concerns before presenting them to the zoning board and developer, Jevin Natali, on July 17th.  At the time of press, Natali was not available for comment.  KPLC will continue to monitor the development and report the latest. 

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