Kleckley asks CPSB to reject proposal for $1M athletic funding

Artificial Turf for Barbe

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Controversy over a proposed plan to fund $1million for Barbe High School athletics has House Speaker Chuck Kleckley asking the Calcasieu Parish School Board to reject the funding.

Kleckley said if the funding would go through, the money would go toward the entire athletic department at Barbe. But most of the money would go toward putting artificial turf for the football field. Many critics say this idea is foolish, especially in a time where cuts to education are being made.

Now Kleckley wants to scratch this idea and act like it never happened.

"I'm not moving forward with it," he said. "There's been so much controversy and so much adverse publicity about this, but I'm not going to move forward with it even if the school board would decide to move forward with it I think it would be very difficult to get by the bond commission at this point because it has been so much negative publicity."

The money comes from the state's capital outlay fund which is used for projects across the state, but many think $1million for this program seemed a little absurd.

Kleckley said even if CPSB supported it, it would be more trouble than it's worth.

"I think it would have a hard time getting passed the bond commission. And I just think it's something that we just need to grow up and just kind of move on," Kleckley said.

Even though Kleckley is requesting the school board to reject the million dollar proposal, the subject will still be brought up at the school board meeting on Tuesday.

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