It's a scam! There is no free money

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Consumers are calling into the Better Business Bureau and Entergy's Customer Service Centers concerned about a call they've received about qualifying for a government grant.

The BBB and Entergy want to let consumers know it's a scam and have taken action in protecting their costumers by interrupting the scammers' process and preventing it from spreading to others.

President of BBB SWLA, Inc. Carmen Million said grants are not easy to come by and the application process is a detailed one before applicants can receive anything.

"So if you didn't apply for a grant and you receive one of these calls, someone is trying to scam you," Million said.

Customers were affected by the scams in Louisiana, but accounts were also affected in Texas.

The scams are asking customers to make a payment by using a bank routing number supplied by the scammers and asking for the number on the back of customers Social Security cards as a bank account number.

"If you have been contacted by someone seeking your bank account or other personal information in order to process a government grant that you did not apply for, you can submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission," Million said.

For information on government grants and qualifications, visit This is the primary site for the public to get more information on government grants.

If you receive a call, letter, email or other notification concerning this matter, believe you are being scammed, or have questions, contact the Better Business Bureau at (337)478-6253 or Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749) to speak with a representative.

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