Low gas prices in SWLA may affect holiday travel

Low gas prices affect holiday travel

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For people like John Stanley, traveling through Louisiana in an RV that eats up Diesel fuel can hurt a wallet.

"Fuel prices running, while we've been traveling today, this week we've seen prices some place between the highest was $3.98" said Stanley.  "This was about the lowest at $3.42"

He says he sucks it up for his love of traveling.

"You invest in a coach and you want to travel... you spend the money" Stanley said.

That's diesel, running a national average of $3.62 per gallon.  Gasoline runs a national average of $3.32 per gallon according to AAA's Fuel Gauge Report but drivers in the Lake area are glad they can find gas under that national three dollar mark.

"Gas is cheap, get it while you can" said Lake Charles native, Matt Pearson.

According to the website, www.gasbuddy.com which finds the lowest gas prices in the country by state, Louisiana falls fifth on the list with an average of $3.06 per gallon.  In some places in the lake area you can find prices under that three dollar mark, right in time for the fourth of July holiday.

"It cost $33 I think" said Pearson.  "I have a 12- gallon tank... it's pretty cheap" Pearson said.

With gas falling under the three dollar mark like at the Exxon mobile on Common street near Lake Charles Regional Airport, Jim Hanchey with Partner- in- Travel travel agency thinks this is the reason we may see a rise in holiday travel.

"The lower the gasoline prices get the more people are going to decide to drive because it will be more economical for them to do that" said Hanchey.

He says he's seen a spike in travel since the summer has begun as well as families planning their Fourth of July get-a-ways.

"Travel does peak during holiday seasons, particularly in the summer, particularly around the Fourth of July" said Hanchey.

People like Pearson, who plan on road tripping to Baton Rouge with friends for the holiday, agree.

"If it's pretty low it will help everyone in the long run" said Pearson.  "They'll get to go places and spend more money and have a fun time".

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