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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom preparing for 7News@Noon.

McNeese students can look forward to a new 880 space parking garage next year.   The three story, $12 million garage is expected to be ready in late February or early March.  A lot of technology will be involved and we'll explain what that entails at noon.

Also today, a crazy coincidence.   A mother's decision ten years ago to donate her son's umbilical cord blood may end up saving his life.  She couldn't afford to save it herself, so she donated it to hopefully help someone else.

Plus, there's nothing like spending time outdoors during the summer – that is, unless your yard is full of mosquitoes!    If you're not someone who wants to use chemicals to kill the pests, you're in luck – we'll have some options.

Speaking of being outside, hope you're ready for more heat.  Ben does tell me though, that a couple of stray thunderstorms could cool off a few of us.  That rain chance is only at 20%.  What does the rest of the week look like?  Stay tuned for Ben's complete local forecast at noon which includes a look at your 4th of July.

While we're talking about the heat, some thieves got away with what many consider a major necessity – central air conditioning units.  In fact, they took four of those units from a local business located on Texas Highway.  We'll have more from the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office.

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