Cameron Parish swears in new Sheriff

Cameron Parish swears in new Sheriff

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - After serving 8 years as the Sheriff of Cameron Parish, Theos Duhon passed the torch today to Sheriff- Elect, Ron Johnson.

"I've worked with a number of them through the years" said now former Sheriff, Duhon.  "I think everything will be fine.  The people of the parish ought to be happy"said Duhon.

Surrounded by his friends, family and residents of Cameron, Johnson took the Sheriff's oath of office, a moment he's looked forward to for a while.

"[Being Sheriff is] something he's probably prepared for, for the last 20 years" said Mary Johnson, wife of Ron Johnson.  "I would say within the last 10 years he knew that he wanted to one day be Sheriff" said Johnson.

"I had started thinking about it whenever Sheriff Savoie had ran the last time which was '99" said Sheriff Johnson.  "Sheriff Deputy then was Theos Duhon who was elected in 2003 and took office in 2004" said Johnson.

With that day finally here, Johnson says he's looking forward to the work he plans to do for the parish.

"We had a victorious day... we're looking forward to the new structure and moving forward and the guys are already working hard" said Sheriff Johnson.  "It's been a beautiful transition and we have things in play already... I look forward to serving the community" said Johnson.

In addition to Johnson taking the oath of office, a group of deputies also took a new oath of office preparing the entire parish for a new year of fresh law enforcement.

"We're out there serving them and protecting them making sure that they're at the functions and making sure that they're there and that they're represented" said Sheriff Johnson.

One of the newly sworn in officials, Chief Deputy Chris Savoie, has not only the support of the community, but his son as well.

"I think he'd be good for this job because he has a lot of experience and he's going to be great for the parish" said Savoie's son, Brycen Savoie.

As his last act as Sheriff, Duhon shared some advice from one sheriff to the next.

"I told him to be honest and work with people and don't make a harsh decision to quick... think about it before you make any serious decisions" said Duhon.  "I think he can and he always has".

Ron Johnson will officially begin his duty as Sheriff on Sunday.  He says that instead of thinking about what he wants to do when he starts Sheriff he wants to think about it as continuing his dedication to public service.

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