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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a preview of what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

An 18-wheeler overturns near Sulphur on I-10 eastbound prompting a traffic nightmare.  We'll explain what happened.

Okay, that problem was I-10 eastbound, but did you see what was blocking traffic westbound last night?  A 7-foot alligator was moseying along the roadway near the Westlake exit! It was quite a scene and we captured the whole thing.  You can watch it HERE.

For those on Medicaid, an important public forum in Lake Charles today.  It allows public input on the upcoming changes to the pharmacy benefits to the state's Bayou Health programs.

Also today, we ask the age-old question – can women have it all?  Balancing work and family is a tough job, and moms do it well, but what about the glass ceiling?  How does society view working moms?  We'll take a look at those issues and how women can find what works best for them.

Plus, summertime means vacation.  Many of us find packing and remembering to bring everything to be a difficult task.  Today we'll meet one family who actually did leave something very important behind.  In fact, they were a hundred miles away before realizing their error.  What was that, and how can you avoid the same situation?  Find out at noon.

Right now our summer is boiling down to one word – sweltering.  Ben tells me extremely hot weather will stick round for one more day with a slight break later this week.  Heat index values for this afternoon could spike to the 105-108 degree range this afternoon.  How will tomorrow be any different?  Well, you'll need to check out Ben's local forecast live in just a bit.

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