Ill mother seeks jail closer to home for son

WEB EXTRA: A mother pleads for help

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - DeRidder resident Patricia Robinson has multiple sclerosis and chronic hepatitis c which sometimes causes her to go into liver failure. She says she was in a coma a year or so ago when her liver and kidneys were failing.

She says her health can take a dangerous turn for the worse at any time and is asking the Louisiana Department of Corrections to move her jailed son to a facility nearby so that she can visit him from time to time.

Right now her son, Justo Bustamante, is serving a six year sentence for second degree battery in a correctional facility at Lake Providence near the Mississippi line. She says due to her health problems she cannot make the eight hour round trip to visit her son and is trying to get the Department of Corrections to move her son closer.

We'll talk to Robinson and check into what policies and procedures come in such situations.

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