City of Sulphur annexes 50 acres

City of Sulphur annexes property for commercial development

The City of Sulphur just got bigger. Sulphur's City Council voted to annex about 50 acres of property near the West Cal Arena and Community Center. It's the first step in trying to attract new business.

Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan said 35 acres to the west of the West Cal Arena is owned by the Sulphur Group, LLC.

"Right now we don't know what they are going to put in there. It's going to be some type of commercial development. So we are just waiting to see what that is going to be," said Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan.

Mayor Duncan said he would like to see more sit-down restaurants come to Sulphur. While it's still uncertain we asked residents what they would like to see built on the property.

"Perfect example is a Dave & Busters, where it's a family oriented place. You go eat and hang out, play games and at the same time if you want to have adult fun they serve alcohol too. They have a bar and everything else," said Justin Jordneaux, Sulphur resident.

"I would like to see a Bass Pro Shop come in. That's the rumor I've been hearing. I would like to know if it's coming or not," said Michael Hollier, Hollier's restaurant owner.

"There is a big pond out there. You've probably heard rumors about a Bass Pro Shop and everything. Those rumors have been flying for years on that property. We know for a fact right now bass pro is not coming. But it would be an ideal location for Bass Pro," said Duncan.

The property is right next to Interstate 10 and a service road has already been built. Recognizing the unique opportunity Sulphur City officials hope whatever business calls this property home will not only bring more traffic into Sulphur but more sales tax revenue.

"With the increase of property values out there the taxes and the businesses and the employees that they hire. So we see a big economic development boom for that area," said Duncan.

Other business owners in the area see it as a win-win for Sulphur.

"I believe everybody would benefit. Everybody going to McDonald's, to Hollier's, to Poepeye's. That's where all the kids want to go anyway," said Hollier.

An additional 15 acres to the north of the West Cal Community Center was also annexed for parking. Meanwhile Mayor Duncan said there's also three more pieces of land to the east of Sulphur up for annexation.

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