Development continues in Lake Arthur with its first hotel

Development continues in Lake Arthur with its first hotel

LAKE ARTHUR, LA (KPLC) - With the Regatta, new businesses and plenty of events planned, the city of Lake Arthur is getting its first hotel.

Project Developer Bobby Palermo also lives in Lake Arthur. He and his wife purchased the property in downtown Lake Arthur which  used to be an old Jeff Davis Bank. They are turning the building into a hotel.

"After they built the Regatta restaurant on the lake, a lot of little small businesses were coming up so we bought this at an estate sale and started kicking around ideas with an architect out of Lake Charles, and came up with this idea and it's the perfect location for a small hotel," Palermo said.

The hotel is named L'Banca Albergo, which is Italian for The Bank Hotel. Once construction is complete, the old bank will be transformed into a two story hotel with eight bedrooms. Two bedrooms on the first floor with a handicapped bedroom, and five bedrooms on the second floor.

The second floor will have a New Orleans style balcony wrapped around it.

The old bank vault will turn into a wine cellar for hotel guests.

"We've had five new businesses [open] on the downtown stretch and it's just something else to add to the new development of Lake Arthur," Palermo said of his hotel.

Hoping as more development continues in Lake Arthur, more people will come out, enjoy what the city has to offer and maybe even stay awhile.

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