Lake Charles con man arrested in Georgia

Con Man Arrested in Georgia

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Back in December 2011, pastors from various Baptist churches across Calcasieu Parish complained of a man scamming them for money.

Steven Brown, 47, went from church to church asking for money saying he worked for a major oil company and needed help moving his family down to Lake Charles.

Pastors from churches like Boulevard Baptist, First Baptist Westlake and Trinity Baptist all said Brown was a smooth talker, quoted scripture and came across very believable.

Brown was able to get almost $800 from the churches who gave money, but then he never answered his phone when the pastors would call after the fact.

He fled the area and on Thursday, June 21, almost six months later, KPLC received a call from the Thomasville, Ga. district attorney's office of Brown's arrest.

Brown was attempting to scam a church in Thomasville when the pastor there grew suspicious. He searched his name on the Internet and found the KPLC story from December. That pastor immediately contacted law enforcement.

Pastor of Boulevard Baptist reported the scam to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. Currently there is no warrant out for Brown's arrest in Calcasieu, but the Sheriff's Office said they will speak to detectives to see if further action will take place.

KPLC will keep on top of this story.

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