Gator rescued from Sulphur residence

Sulphur gator rescue

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Franklin Foote has lived in his Sulphur neighborhood for years, and has never had a scare like the one he had Thursday morning.

"The sitter who sits with my wife on Tuesday's and Thursday's came in telling me there was something big in my garage" said Foote.  "I said well is it a dog or a cat and she said no it's bigger than that".

Bigger than a dog and cat together, a 7-foot alligator made it's way onto Foote's carport and showed no signs of leaving.

"I went around and got to the front of my car and saw maybe two feet of it's tail and I knew then what it was" said Foote.

Foote called 911, who instructed him to call the Sheriff's department, who instructed him to call Calcasieu Parish Alligator Nuisance Rescuer, Randall Hebert.

"Whenever I got there the deputies already had them corralled" said Hebert.  "So basically, all I did was load him up and brought him to relocate him" he added.

"This aint our first rodeo with alligators" said CPSO officer, Landry Willis.  "We've caught a few before... as long as you don't go in rambo style and try to wrestle him, you end up well".

With this being the first alligator sighting Foote has experienced in his 20 plus years of living in his Sulphur home, he thinks a drainage canal some hundreds of yards from his home is where the gator came from.

"This area drains eastward to a drainage gully about two blocks away... it's about 20-30 feet wide and several feet deep" said Foote.

So what makes an alligator leave their lives in the wild for the everyday lives of common folk?

"It just depends... certain time of the year when the alligators are in their mating season you get a lot more activity" said Hebert.  "If it's dry you get a lot more activity".

The next time this happens to Foote or anyone else for that matter...

"Leave them alone" Hebert said.  "Call Wildlife & Fisheries or the Sheriff's department and they'll get in touch with us.  Don't try to catch them".

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