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Good morning everyone! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

How's your morning going?  Bet it wasn't as adventuresome and exciting as it was for a Carlyss man and two Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's deputies.  You see, before many of us were up and about those folks were busy rassling an alligator!  You have got to see this video – you can actually see one of the deputies sitting on top of the gator!   We'll show it to you at noon.

Over in Baton Rouge there are some proceedings that directly impact the lake area.  Officials with Ameristar Casinos are busy trying to convince state gambling regulators to allow them to assume the Mojito Pointe project.  Last March, Ameristar paid Dan Lee of Creative Casinos $32.5 million for the project.  The company wants to build a $500 million dollar facility next to L'auberge.  Will the Louisiana Gaming Control Board agree to the transfer?  We'll let you know.

Also today, a close look at dumpster diving.  Would you consider digging thru someone's trash for food?  It may seem gross, but there is a movement to increase the practice.  It's all about calling attention to the amount of food Americans waste each year.

Plus, there are some signs the gender pay gap may be finally turning around.  Young women seem to be earning more money than their male counterparts.  We'll find out why the statistics are changing.

In weather, it appears we're riding the wave of a dominant high pressure ridge.  You may wonder what that means, well Ben tells me that ridge does a couple of things.  First, it will block any tropical development in the southern Gulf from making it this far north keeping all the rain over open waters.  Secondly, it will bring us clear skies, and extremely hot temperatures over the weekend.  However, we may get a little help with the temperatures from some northeasterly winds.  It's the stuff Ben loves to talk about, so watch his full, local forecast at noon.

Remember, we're live online at and on air.  If you are online you may want to check out a story that's getting all kinds of buzz. A school district is deciding on punishment for some middle school students who bullied a bus monitor and then posted the video online!   Wow…that's all I can say.  Take a look for yourself HERE.

Have a great day everyone…and watch out for those gators!