June 20, 2012 - Justin Mouser

On August 13th, 2010, Army Corporal Justin Mouser  stepped on a landmine while on patrol in Afghanistan.  He lost his left leg.

"That happened and you think about life and what's going to happen to me and how am I going to fit in society," questioned Mouser.

Justin came back to the states and after re-hab, is now a full time student at McNeese State University.   One day, he decided to enter a Facebook contest held by 505 imports in Lake Charles, wanting to reward a Louisiana veteran with an outdoor makeover.  Justin's story convinced them he was the one.

"We started with that space and we did a complete makeover," said owner Rebekah Osborn.  "Then we decided we really wanted to add a little extra for him.  So we also did a sunroom."

Osborn was thrilled with the outcome and grateful for Justin's sacrifice.

"We can't do enough.  There's so much that they do for us, the dedication and the commitment.  We absolutely cannot do enough.  This is just one little way that we were able to give back."

"When people want to thank someone, that's fine," said Mouser.  "But you really need to remember the people that didn't make it back.  The ones who sacrifice everything.  Because ultimately, it's their cost I  why I'm still sitting here and that's why you're here."

And that's why Justin Mouser is this week's Hometown Patriot.

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