List of unsolved crimes in Welsh continues to grow

Unsolved Crimes in Welsh

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - Friday's double shooting in Welsh is making the list of unsolved crimes in the past year and a half longer.

It all started last February when someone shot Robert King as he sat on his mother's porch on Welsh Street.

That crime started a string of crimes, all yet to be solved by the Welsh Police Department. Residents and city officials are tired of the violence and want outside help to solve these crimes.

"I'm concerned, and I know the citizens in our town are concerned," said Mayor Carolyn Louviere.

"We're working on them, doing the best that we can," said Police Chief Tommy Chaisson. "We just want to assure the public that we are working on them. They have not been forgotten and they will never be forgotten. We're going to continue working on them."

Those unsolved cases include the murder of Lorenzo Horne in July of 2011. Horne was sleeping in a bunk bed with his girlfriend while babysitting children when he was shot.

The next crime spree happened in January. Tremaine Wildridge was shot in the foot while walking with friends, and just hours later Denzell Lampkin was murdered while riding in a car.

"We're also concerned for the families that have suffered a loss of someone because of this," said Mayor Louviere.

The crime doesn't stop there. The same night Lampkin was murdered, the home of Patricia Jackson burned to the ground. The state fire marshal later ruled it arson.

"The thing about it is, it's what it puts out or the impression it gives of our town to other communities and really and truly within our community, we have a wonderful place," said Mayor Louviere.

The latest crime happened on Friday. Someone entered a home and shot both individuals inside, Rakisha Hill and Jermaine Washington, wounding but not killing them.

"All of those, or most all of those that have been shot or wounded are young people," said Mayor Louviere. "That's a big concern."

Residents want help from other agencies, but Chaisson says they need witnesses to come forward.

"We need the cooperation of the public," said Chief Chaisson. "Let the public know that we do have the state police, attorney general's, and the FBI, who are currently working with us and have been working with us since the first homicide. We're all working together to get these crimes solved."

Chief Chaisson says he doesn't know if any of the unsolved crimes are connected.

Police are continuing to question individuals regarding Friday's shootings, to hopefully fill in the blanks and make an arrest.

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