Efforts continue to recall Gov. Jindal & Kleckley

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Efforts to recall Governor Bobby Jindal and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley continued this weekend. Organizers of the drive were out collecting the necessary signatures. Under state law they have 180 days from the time the petition started to collect 33% of registered voters statewide for Jindal and 33% of registered voters in Kleckley's District 36.

Their main beefs are the newly passed voucher program and measures for teacher accountability. Educators we talked to said they feel the process was rushed and that they didn't get their fair say before the vote.

"We feel it happened too fast. We just to let everyone's voice to be heard. We are all equal. We are all important. We all matter," said Betty Sims.

"We need the Louisiana Department of Educations to pay attention. We need Governor Bobby Jindal to pay attention. And we need Chuck Kleckley to pay attention," said Vicky Johnston.

"I don't feel like they did their homework. And as a teacher I give them a 'D-' on their homework. For looking at these schools that will be receiving these tax payer dollars," said Anne Reeves.

We did reach out to Kleckley. He tells 7 News despite the recall drive his support in his district is stronger than ever and feels at the end of the day the voters of District 36 will look at his 14 years of public service instead of just one issue.

Meanwhile no word on how many signatures the group has collected thus far. Their deadline to collect the necessary signatures is September 1st. If successful, Jindal and Kleckley would not be out of office - an election would be held and both could run in the election.

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