Welsh shooting prompts special town hall meeting

Welsh town hall

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - After an early morning shooting in Welsh on Friday left one injured and one still hospitalized, Mayor Carolyn Louviere called a special town hall meeting on Saturday to discuss crime in the area.

Mayor Louviere says she felt the need to call the meeting after family members of the victims asked the City of Welsh and the Welsh Police Department (WPD) to seek help from State Police and the FBI in solving Friday's shooting case.

One of the main issues that was brought up in the meeting was the lack of trust the community has in the WPD to come forward with information that could possibly help cases be solved.

Members of the community and some council members recanted stories of people filing 'confidential' police claims and having that confidence broken by time they left the station- inferring leaks in the department.

Rosa Castille, sister of the Welsh shooting victim, told KLPC that her family has already received calls asking what their intentions are by bringing this to the city council and state police.

Police Chief, Tommy Chaisson, negated claims of leaks in the department.  According to Chaisson, the police department just needs to continue to work with the community to restore faith and trust in the community.

While Chaisson believes that continued duty and service in the community will restore faith in the department, council members like Charlie Drake think these issues stem from deeper issues seeded in the mindsets of community members and members of law enforcement.

More on the special town hall on later editions of 7News.

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