Friday Morning Headlines

Good morning everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom.  Once again we're NOT preparing for 7News@Noon.  That's because NBC is pre-empting our programming to accommodate golf coverage later today.  So, all you Days of Our Lives fans will get your soap at noon to 1 pm today, followed by Ellen, and then golf.

Now,  Ben and I are still gathering information for you guys out there.  We will be updating our own Facebook pages – Agnes DeRouen KPLC, Ben Terry KPLC , and of course, the general KPLC Facebook page throughout the day.  If you aren't friends with us already, take this opportunity to do so.

In the meantime, here's an overview of what we're working on today:

Two people are shot in a Welsh subdivision this morning.  If you watched our Sunrise show today you saw our live pictures from the scene on Brookwood Drive.  We're still working to get details on what happened inside the home, so check our online pages throughout the day for updates.  You can find out what we know now HERE.

Meanwhile, Lake Charles Police continue their investigation into a fatal shooting on North Cherry Street on Thursday.  There will be an afternoon press conference on this case, and we'll be there.   We'll post whatever we find out on our online pages.  To see Olivia Vidal's present story on this shooting incident you can click HERE.

In weather, Ben is telling me today will be similar to yesterday with the threat of some scattered storms.  Can we expect more of the same over the weekend?   You'll be able to find his forecast on both our Facebook pages and on our website.  Plus, you can get a look at the newly named Hurricane Carlotta which formed off the coast of Mexico. Hurricane warnings are posted for parts of the coast including Acapulco. Click HERE for more info.

Have a great day and wonderful weekend!   Remember, you can keep in touch with us through our website and Facebook pages!