Thursday Morning Headlines

Good morning everyone! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom.  Well, today we're NOT preparing for 7News@Noon.  That's because NBC is pre-empting our programming to accommodate golf coverage later today.  So, all you Days of Our Lives fans will get your soap at noon to 1 pm today, followed by Ellen, and then golf.

Now, just because Ben and I will not be on at Noon doesn't mean we aren't rounding up information for you guys out there.  We will be updating our own Facebook pages – Agnes DeRouen KPLC, Ben Terry KPLC , and of course the general KPLC Facebook page throughout the day.  If you aren't friends with us already, take this opportunity to do so.

In the meantime, here's an overview of what we're working on today:

We'll have a cautionary tale of how you can be too trusting and it ends up costing you big bucks.  An elderly woman takes her grandson to a restaurant and when the ATM wouldn't work there she got another woman to go to another ATM for some cash – well, wrong thing to do.  This 85 year old local woman will share her story with KPLC's Theresa Schmidt.

Young, local business professionals are getting a look at how our region is doing economically, and what we can expect in years to come.

Speaking of business, is your company prepared in the event of a hurricane or other disaster?  A special summit for small businesses and non-profit organizations is designed to help reduce risks and economic losses.

Meanwhile the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is starting a three day effort to create new sand dunes along the Cameron Parish shoreline.  We'll take a look at how things are going so far.

And a Lake Charles native has just been named a finalist in this year's "Best Dad on Wheels."  It's a contest run by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and it honors a special man who defies the limitations of paralysis as a father and a role-model.  KPLC's Gerron Jordan will be talking to our local finalist for our newscasts tonight, but he tells me folks can vote for Frank Brocato, Jr. right now.  From now until Sunday, June 17, you can visit to vote from him.

In weather, Ben is talking about how a lot of factors are creating the perfect conditions for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms.  We had a lot of those already, but don't be surprised to see more later this afternoon and into the evening.   He's going to post his latest forecast on our Facebook pages and you can always view the latest radar and other weather information on our website HERE.

And before I go, remember today is National  Flag Day – a day to honor our national symbol.  The flag came into existence on June 14, 1777 when Congress adopted it to represent the young country.  You can learn more about our flag you can go HERE.

Have a great day everyone!  Be careful on those wet roadways and keep in touch with us through our website and Facebook pages!