Passenger says flight attendants rendered aid despite injuries during emergency landing

The following is a letter that reporter Holly Carter received from the father of a passenger of United Flight 1632. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing at the Lake Charles Regional Airport Tuesday night.

Dear Ms. Carter,

Thank you for your report on the diverted flight from Houston to Lake Charles. My Daughter Elizabeth Goetz was on this flight. She was returning from a Christian service trip in Belize with a group of students and teachers from Loyola School in Manhattan.

My daughter told us about how professional the flight attendants were despite their injuries. These brave woman maintained a sense of calm among the passengers during this harrowing experience.

My daughter also wanted to thank the people in the airport at Lake Charles who treated the students to pizza and soda knowing that they would be spending the night in the airport. The students were not able to continue that evening to New York because two of the students went to the hospital with minor concussions.  The students returned safely to New York today via Houston.

I would appreciate if you could thank the people at the Lake Charles airport for their hospitality. I would also like to thank the flight attendants but have been unable to contact the right person at United to do this in person despite a couple of attempts. Maybe you will have more success. Please let me know how the flight attendant that was seriously injured is doing. We are all concerned for her.

Thank you again for your reporting and thank you in advance for any further information you can provide.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Goetz