Calcasieu Parish Public Transit fare increase

Calcasieu Parish Transit System fare increase

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish Public Transit System (CPPTS) caters to low income residents in the parish who need curb-to-curb service to and from work, daycare or medical appointments.

"They have to fill out an application to see if they're income eligible," said Operations Manager for the Office of Community Services, Adele Mart.  "We do a JARC program- which is job access and reverse commute- where we take individuals to work, daycare and the reverse" she said.

There is one key difference between the parish transit system and the city bus system.

"The city buses are strictly city" said Mart.  "We are urban and rural- we do both where the City of Lake Charles only does city riders"

The raises range from ten cents to one dollar with adults facing the biggest increase in the category of general public riders.  Surprisingly, the biggest increase transit wide will be for adults in the JARC (jobs access and reverse program).  They currently don't pay anything for transit, but come July 1st, will have to pay one dollar and 50 cents.

"I'm sure there are going to be some riders that are going to express some concerns because of the price they have been paying as opposed to the increase" said Mart.  "I mean, everyone has increases now.  It's just with the economy".

With this being the first fare increase in nine years, leaders in the transit system and police jury are confident they're making the right steps.

"With the issues of maintenance and everything with the vehicles.... we thought it was time that we do a price increase".

Even with the increase in fares, Mart says the parish transit system will still be the cheapest, most affordable option for current riders.

"You still cannot get a taxi for the price that we're charging to go to and from wherever you have to go to" said Mart.

To apply for the parish transit system contact Calcasieu Transit at (337) 721-4020.

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