Water main break repaired in Sulphur

Sulphur water main break

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - A water main break in Sulphur on Sunday caused some residents and businesses to go an entire day without water.

"I spent 9 years in the navy on submarines where we couldn't take a shower but we were prepared for that but we weren't prepared for this."

Pierce Newsom has lived in this Sulphur neighborhood for four years and has never gone without water unannounced.

"I'm sure water mains break all the time but this is the first time it's happened to us" said Newsom.

While water mains do break there are different things that cause them to do so; including simple wear and tear, periods of drought followed by heavy rains and ground movement.

"The cause of this break appears to be settlement related with the 12-inch valve that settled with a piece that shouldn't have been there causing the connection to fail" said Director of the Department of Public Works, John Bruce.

Early Sunday morning, the City of Sulphur received calls regarding the water main break at the intersection of highway 90 and Cities Service Highway.

'"It's a main 12-inch that feeds the Maplewood area… the welding broke on it and it was about a 1-inch gap so water was flowing out of it."

With water rushing out of the valve, causing the ground to cave in around the area, the city had no choice but to temporarily shut off the water, to asses and fix the problem.

"A break like this... the first thing they have to do is isolate the flow to the break so they can safely excavate down and see what the problem is.  Then they need to evaluate the problem and see what actually failed, see what it's going to take to fix it, then they'll need to confirm pipe sizes" said Bruce.

As of Monday morning, the water main has been repaired and water pressure in the area returning back to normal.

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