LA passes child abuse laws in response to Sandusky case

Louisiana also has a new series of child abuse laws that were passed in part because of the sex abuse scandal against former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky goes to trial on Monday. Allegations that he abused children while coaching prompted public outrage not only about the crime, but over those around Sandusky who didn't report their suspicions to police.

In the months that followed the scandal, several states, including Louisiana now are re-examining or expanding their so-called mandatory reporting laws.

Governor Bobby Jindal this week signed three of four new measures designed to protect children. The governor says he intends to sign the fourth.

One measure protects whistleblowers reporting child sex abuse from employer retaliation. Two other laws would hold those who fail to report an incident accountable to law enforcement. The fourth adds certain classes of athletics coaches to the list of those required to notify authorities if they suspect child sex abuse similar to laws that apply to doctors and teachers.

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