Lake Area seniors and residents with special needs learn about hurricane safety

Lake Area seniors learn about hurricane preparedness

At today's hurricane preparedness event for seniors and residents with special needs, residents of the Lake Area were able to learn about all steps of preparedness and evacuation in cases of severe weather.

"Even though I am a senior, I assist other seniors" said Lake Charles resident, Sarah Alexander.

Partnering with Synergy Home Care, the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and the National Weather Service provided evacuation routes, debunked weather myths and allowed residents to sign up for emergency alert systems.

"We will know who these individuals are when they call" said Operations Manager, Adele Mart.  "We're able to know if they have some sort of disability" she said.

One of those emergency programs SNAP- Special Needs Assistance Program- works by notifying 911 operators of special needs occupants after an emergency call is made.

"It's our responsibility to make sure that our special needs patients - those who do not have transportation- are signed up with and aware of different entities that are there to help them in the event of an evacuation" said Synergy representative, Lindsay Ardoin.

Another one of those resources is the band that every Synergy Home Care patient is given when they register.

"It helps emergency responders and anyone participating in the evacuation identify that patient as being a Synergy Home Care patient so in the event that there's any medical issue or concern they're able to contact our office at that time" said Ardoin.

To get more information on these alert systems and to sign up, visit your local police departments or contact E-911 at (337) 439-0811.  To be eligible for SNAP, you must be a Calcasieu resident and have a land line.

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