Governor Jindal signs law to restrict public library access for sex offenders

The following is a Press Release:

Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law today to restrict access to public libraries for certain sex offenders. The bill – SB 753 – is part of the Governor's 2012 legislative package.

Governor Jindal said, "Whether our kids are at school, a playground or in a library, they should feel safe and protected. This new law builds on our efforts to crack down on sex predators and sends a message to the world that if you want to harm a child, you better not do it in the State of Louisiana."

SB 753 by Senator Dale Erdey restricts certain sex offenders' access to public libraries.  Prior to Governor Jindal signing this new law, convicted sex offenders who committed a sex offense against a victim under the age of 13, were prohibited from residing or physically being on or within 1,000 feet of school property or a park.  This legislation extends this prohibition so that it is now unlawful for such sex offenders to be on public library property or to loiter within 1,000 feet of public library property. "Public library" will include the State Library of Louisiana, any parish or municipal library and any college or university or school library.