Longer party hours with a city approved variance

New Noise Ordinance on Parties

The Lake Charles City Council decided to extend the hours parties or large gatherings can operate in the evening. But first the party host has to apply for a variance from the City Council.

A noise variance from the City will help avoid any noise complaints from neighbors, according to City Councilman Dana Jackson.

"It gives people an opportunity and it also stops people from like in a residential neighborhood from having a great big party and staying going until 3 o'clock in the morning," Jackson said.

By applying for a noise variance from the city, party hosts can get their party hours extended.

For example, in South Lake Charles, a party can only make loud noise until 10 p.m., but if the host applies for the variance, the party's hours can increase until midnight if the variance is given.

Downtown party hours are longer than the rest of the Lake Charles area, according to Jackson, but if someone wants to have a party that's going to go on longer into the evening, the City Council is requiring a noise variance.

"It'll help both sides," Jackson said. "If the neighbors don't complain too much, then they'll probably be able to get their variance. And if the neighbors would complain about it [the noise], then they wouldn't get their variance."

The Council voted in favor of the ordinance and will be enacted immediately.

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